Compass™ Health Assessment

The Compass health assessment is a more personalized and engaging program than you previously had through Simple Steps To A Healthier Life. The Compass health assessment takes approximately 12-15 minutes to complete, slightly less time than it takes to complete the Simple Steps health assessment.

After you complete Compass, you may be recommended to choose one of the new online wellness programs. The programs are organized by Directions — healthy paths you can choose to follow. Or we can help you choose a Direction. There are 12 Directions including Weigh Less, Healthy Back and Be Tobacco Free. Once you choose your Direction, you can pick a Journey that fits your health needs and interests. Or we can recommend one. With cool tools and small steps, you’ll be on your way to better health. Journeys work like games, so you can get healthier and have fun

  • Be Tobacco Free
  • Blood Pressure in Check
  • Diabetes Life
  • Eat Healthier
  • Get Active
  • Healthy Back
  • Heart Healthy Cholesterol
  • Living Well with Asthma
  • Sleep Well
  • Stress Less
  • Weigh Less
  • Health In a Hurry

Within each of these health Directions are a number of Journeys®. You pick a Direction and then select the Journey that best meets your health care needs and interests.

Here’s a twist – Journeys can integrate with your personal social network, like Facebook. So you can celebrate your success with friends and family as you commit to or complete actions.

The Compass and Journeys programs are secure, so your information is protected.

Get started today by going to your Aetna member website (formerly Navigator). Log on with your Aetna member website user name and password or create one today.

Connect to your plan details

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Note: A user name/ID and password is required to access your YBR account from the internet. Full access to the Aetna member website (formerly Navigator) and Express Scripts is available once you are enrolled and you have set up a user name/ID and password. Learn more about using the Aetna member website in this tip sheet.

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